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Win the war on cybercrime with impenetrable, trusted security

Military organizations, defense ministries, and armed forces need especially powerful protection for their information systems. In the modern era, cyberwarfare plays a crucial role in national security – and the best offense is an unshakeable defense. Security, reliability and availability are therefore of the utmost importance when the stakes are so high.

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The kind of trust only the highest level of certification can bring

Security solutions for the defense sector require quality guarantees. The standards and certifications offered by independent organizations ensure that trusted solutions have been certified by a third party.

Our solutions are NATO and EU RESTRICTED certified for protecting sensitive information. These certifications guarantee that quality and security are crucial priorities in product development. As a sign of trustworthiness, all Stormshield products have obtained ANSSI’s standard qualification and their encryption is guaranteed. Most of the security components of Stormshield products are also EAL3+ certified, and the network filtering components are EAL4+ certified.

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Last reviewed on 13/06/2019

All these certifications demonstrate that Stormshield solutions continuously remain at the cutting edge of emerging security needs. In addition, they are recognized as trusted products by all of the European countries that have ratified the Mutual Recognition Agreement. These certifications provide assurance that our products are properly designed, tested, and implemented according to governmental requirements. This unique level of certification guarantees that you are opting for uncompromised, high-performance security only offered by a leader in the cybersecurity market.

Further, as a Defense and Military organization, the confidentiality of your operations is critical to national security. This need for privacy applies not only to cyber criminals, but also to other State actors such as intelligence agencies. Our promise to you: no backdoors for anyone, for any reason.

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The highest level protection

Losing confidential data or information is not an option in the defense sector and military organizations. Applications and communications, especially confidential communications, are protected through strong, vital encryption.

Stormshield Network Security

Stormshield Network Security

The intrusion prevention system (IPS) in Stormshield Network Security products combine behavioral and protocol analysis to ensure effective, proactive protection against attacks, especially zero-day attacks. Our EAL3+ and EAL4+ certified technology is among the most powerful on the market and was designed to guarantee the highest level of security and performance.

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Last reviewed on 20/05/2019

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Stormshield Endpoint Security

Switch to a better workstation protection technology with Stormshield Endpoint Security behavioral analysis. Working within the operating system, our tool intercepts and analyses all commands in order to detect unusual behavior that might exploit flaws in applications. Since it does not use a signature database, it is particularly effective for non-connected environments.

Stormshield Endpoint Security provides smart protection against both known and unknown attacks, regardless of their level of sophistication. In combination with a powerful peripheral control engine, behavioral analysis has earned Stormshield Endpoint Security a reputation for rigorous, uncompromised security.

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Stormshield Data Security

Encrypting sensitive information at its source helps prevent confidential data from leaking or being stolen. This EAL3+ certified product guarantees a level of encryption that meets the strictest standards. Its end user-centered approach makes it easy to use, thus limiting the potential to bypass the security system.

Stormshield Data Security’s certified encryption solution is compatible with all third party applications so as to facilitate integrating the encryption of your data into your business applications.

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Last reviewed on 20/09/2018