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Europe’s leading cybersecurity company

Stormshield’s firewalls and cybersecurity solutions are unique in many ways: we’ve collected why Stormshield firewall is the best choice to fully protect your network, endpoints, and data.

Why Stormshield?

Reasons to choose Stormshield

The biggest European manufacturer

Stormshield is a member of the Airbus Group and the world’s only firewall manufacturer qualified for EU use.

Stormshield trainings

With our instructors, Stormshield trainings start regularly, where you can quickly learn how to use firewalls.

User friendly interface

Stormshield firewall is available in different languages, and it’s extremely easy to use. Watch a video or try the demo firewall!


Why Stormshield firewall?

Reasons for Stormshield firewall technology

Unique Application IPS technology

The Stormshield firewall engine is a unique IPS system that combines security, protocol analysis, firewall services, and application management in a single kernel module. The approach is extremely high performance with maximum protection.

No backdoor, maximum security

As a European manufacturer of military certifications, Stormshield does not build any backdoor as a firewall security threat to its customers, as unlikely many US manufacturers have already done scandals (for example Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Sonicwall).

With the best content filters

Though Stormshield firewalls prices are far from other premium manufacturers, the given protection and the used content filters are practically the same: Stormshield uses also the best anti-virus, web filter, and spam filter available on the market.


Why to get Stormshield?

Reasons for buying or renting Stormshield firewalls

Lease or buy?

Stormshield firewalls are also available in a unique way on the market with a favorable monthly rental rate, so in this way security will always be a cost-effective solution.

Premium services at best prices

We have collected all the services that only Stormshield products can offer in one of our affordable Premium Subscriptions. Choose the best content filters that will offer you the best security without any compromise.

30% discount

You use any other product or an outdated firewall? Stormshield firewall can replace your old devices with a 30% discount. Discounts comes equally to firewall and subscriptions as well.