Stormshield Devices

The European cybersecurity


The primary task of Stormshield, as part of the Airbus Group, is to implement European cybersecurity. Our military-grade, NATO, EU and EAL4+ certified firewall, endpoint protection and encryption systems represents the European response to cyber security risks.

Logo / AirbusAs opposed to other market-oriented and marketing-oriented developers, Stormshield’s focuses on top clients and it’s stable financial background, puts security in first place. Therefore, the direction of product development is not the marketing that is constantly expanding with newer products but drives by the new security risks.

Logo / StormshieldStormshield firewalls have been choosed by the European Union’s armys, different forces and government offices as well. Stormshield Network Security technology is fully developed in Europe, while the company’s future is guaranteed by the 100% owner Airbus Group.

  • Highlighted clients
  • General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union
  • European Committee
  • European Council
  • European Defence Agency
  • Defense Ministries
  • NATO and EU missions


Airbus Group

Airbus Defence and Space All the companies, which belongs to Airbus Group, play a decisive role in the air transport, aerospace and defense industries. The group members of Airbus, are Airbus Defence and Space and Airbus Helicopters together have more, than 133.000 employees and generates over 65 billion euros per year. The primary task of Stormshield is to implement an independent cyber security of the Airbus Group and to it’s customers, and to establish a reliable network infrastructure.

Military technology – affordable prices

According to Stormshield’s approach, military-grade security solutions don’t necessarily have to match military price tags. A high-security solution can also be marketable: that’s why Stormshield is also expanding in the small and medium-sized business sector, developing extremely high-value firewalls, new generation endpoint protection and providing affordable, network security trainings.