Learn how to use Stormshield UTM firewalls and build a secure enterprise network at our Stormshield courses. You can take part in three courses built on each other. Certificates obtained are valid for 3 years.


IconSet / Training / CSNA Certificate

Certified Stormshield Network


The basic course required to complete the initial setup of the Stormshield UTM firewall and the security policies.

Trainig / Certificates CCNA

Course: 24 hours


IconSet / Training / CSNE Certificate

Certified Stormshield Network


As a continuation of the CSNA course, the Stormshield UTM firewall focuses on advanced settings, detailing the operation of each security subsystem.

Trainig / Certificates CCNE

Course: 24 hours


IconSet / Training / CSNTS Certificate

Certified Stormshield Network
Troubleshooting & Support


The course for CSNE-qualified engineers focuses on self-problem solving and helps to analyze and solve network problems.

Trainig / Certificates CCNTS

Course: 32 hours